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Certified Birth Certificates

Certified Birth CertificateInternational Visa Service can obtain birth records from all over the United States in 24 hours of less. Although now, you will longer be able to travel with a birth certificate alone, you will need one to obtain a passport.

Rarely is a birth record not on file but if this is your case you can use secondary evidence to apply for a birth record.

If you have a birth record, please check it for the following:

  • File date on the record. All records must have a file date. This date must be within one year of the date of the birth.
  • Seal - All certified birth records will have a seal. These seals are not always raised but sometimes they are a multi colored stamp. In many cases the seal may not be easily found.

There are thousands of different Certified Birth Certificates issued by State, County, Cities and Villages around the United States. Airline employees, Foreign Government Customs officials and U.S. Government employees cannot authenticate most of these documents.

When trying to determine if your birth record is certified, examine the document looking for the following criteria:

  • Was the document issued by the State, County or City of your birth?
  • Is there a file date on your birth certificate?
  • Is the file date within one year of the date of your birth?
  • Is there a raised or colored seal on your birth certificate from the state, county or city of your birth?

Warning: Birth certificates issued by hospitals are not valid to obtain a passport!

All forms contained within this website are free. Although many of them are copyrighted, they can be downloaded and used without charge. Official government forms are for the use of any person, free of charge. International Visa Service does not charge service fees on ANY free government service. Our service fees are in addition to the government fees, based on the time allotted to expedite your documentation needs. 

To order, click on the form needed below, print the document and follow the instructions:

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