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Lost or Stolen Passport - General Information

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The best way to make sure your passport is reported as lost or stolen is to apply for a new passport. If your passport is stolen you are encouraged to report the theft to local police and obtain a police report. Not all police jurisdictions will make reports on stolen passports but it is best to try and report it.

A lost or stolen passport is considered to be very serious. Less than 1% of all lost passport are really lost or stolen. Most lost passports are just put in a safe place and are temporarily "lost". International Visa Service can assist you in replacing your lost passport in a very short period of time. You can go on your trip . . . but in the interest of your money, and the Passport Offices time, please take a few moments to relax and reflect on where the Passport was lost.

We recommend that as the thoughts come, go to that one place and look. Repeat this exercise until you have located the passport. After a reasonable amount of time if you have not located the passport then call us to continue your application.

Lost passports are considered by the passport agency as very serious. The lost stays on your record so we encourage you to make every effort to find the passport. Even after a new passport is issued When you find the old passport it is important to return both passports to the U.S. Passport Service to have the lost passport removed from your record.

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