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Passports for Children

U.S. Passport Instructions

Passports for Children under the age of 16 years (DS-11)

Children's passports obtained when the child was under 16 years old CANNOT be renewed.


But first, gather your documents.

    First prove your child's citizenship! You do this by providing one (1) of the following:

    • Certified Birth Certificate from one of the 50 states
    • Naturalization Certificate
    • Certificate of Citizenship
    • Consular Report of Birth Abroad
    • Citizen Born Abroad Birth Certificate

    Second, you must prove your identity as the parents of this child:

    • Both parent's Valid Driver License with photo or passport.
    • Child's I.D. (Driver's learner permit if available).
    • Military I.D.
    • Other State Department approved identification.

    Third, you must have your child's Social Security Number:

    Social Security Numbers are required for all citizens on the U.S. Passport application. 

    Parents must bring the child's Social Security Number or proof that an application has been made for the child. The social security card is NOT required just the number.

    So far so good! Problem? Remember, if something is not clear, our Online Operator will help you or you may call International Visa Service at 1-800-627-1112 to review the instructions.

    Fees for service vary depending on processing time. Please call us for a quote.

Step 1

    Items needed:

    You will need the following items:
    1. Certified Birth Certificate required even if there is an old passport.
    2. Both parent's valid driver license.
    3. U S. Government form: DS-11 Passport Application.
    4. Copy of your itinerary or letter from your company.
    5. One (1) passport photos.
    6. Two (2) Client's Letter of Authorization. Option 1 and 2 must be checked. Applicant (or legal guardian) must hand write all information on form including the company name: International Visa Service d/b/a A Quick Passport and Visa
    7. IVS Disclaimer
    8. U.S. Government Fee.

    Important information needed to complete the DS-11 Passport Application Online Form:

An online application with a 2D bar code is required for hand walked applications. This is a free form. All blanks on the form must be completed. In order to insure that your passport is completed in time for your trip, your form must include the following information:

Mail Passport To Section: should read as follows:

In care of: Will Call International Visa Service

316 Hammond Drive NE

Atlanta, GA 30328

    Permanent Address Section: Permanent address should be your physical home address.

    Father and Mother Section: Your Child's Parent’s Birthday—Remember you are completing this form for your child.

    Travel Plans Section: You must be traveling within 2 weeks (no visa needs) and withing one month (with visa needs) and have a travel itinerary to support the answer to this question.

    When you have completed the application click on CREATE FORM button at the bottom of the online application form page. (A link to the form appears later in these instructions).

    The online form will create a form with a 2D bar code (see photo on right) will appear in the upper left of the form, which will print on this application.

    If there is no bar code on the printed application, your applications will not be accepted.

    Go to Step 2

Step 2: Complete and copy the forms

    Now, complete the following forms:

    • DS11 Passport Application - click here to complete online.
    • Letter of Authorization - click here to download.
    • Explanation of Services - click here to download.
    • Personal Information Form - click here to download.
    • IVS Disclaimer Form - click here to download.  

    Then return to these instructions to complete the process.

    Now, what you must do is:


    Complete DS-11. (DO NOT SIGN THIS FORM).


    Complete two (2) Client's Letter of Authorization. Option 1 and 2 must be checked. Applicant (or legal guardian) must hand write all information on form including the company name: International Visa Service d/b/a A Quick Passport and Visa


    Complete the Explanation of Services Form.


    Write a check (or purchase a money order) to:
    U. S. Department Of State. The amount will be for: $140.00 (Child's fee).

    Please put the applicant's name and date of birth in the top left-hand corner of the check or money order.


    $25.00 will be paid to the acceptance agent who seals the application.
    6. IVS Disclaimer.


    Travel itinerary.


    Make copies of all the items, including both parents' I.D. This copy is for International Visa Service.
    Items to be copied:


    Parent's driver's license.


    Application for U.S. Passport.


    Proof of citizenship (must be certified birth record and old passport if available).


    Travel Itinerary.


    Completed Personal Information Form.


    Completed Client Authorization letter.

    The copies should be on the OUTSIDE of the SEALED Application Form Envelope.

    DO NOT include the copies or payment to International Visa Service INSIDE the sealed envelope.

    For your convenience here are the links again.

    • DS11 Passport Application - click here to complete online.
    • Letter of Authorization - click here to download.
    • Explanation of Services - click here to download.
    • Personal Information Form - click here to download.
    • IVS Disclaimer Form - click here to download.  

    Go to Step 3

Step 3: Going to a U.S. Government Approved Acceptance Agent.

The Acceptance Agent will complete the official process for your passport application. You will sign the application at the appointed agent office as instructed.

First, to find the nearest Acceptance Agent to you. Click here to locate an office near you.

Both parents and the child must appear in person at the acceptance agent for this process. If one parent is not available you may submit the following items to satisfy the requirement.

What happens at the Acceptance Agent's office?

    The Acceptance Agent will:

    • Have both parents of the child under 16 sign the DS-11 application
      form. Children 14 to 16 may be asked to sign.

    • Record information from your driver's license onto the application.

    • Counter sign the application and affix the official stamp, then place the application in an envelope.

    • Seal the envelope and put the official stamps on the outside.

    • Hand the sealed envelope to you, which you will ship to International Visa Service.

    Inside the sealed envelope should be:


    Passport Applications signed and completed with 2D Bar Code.


    Certified Birth Certificate or expired passport. (Proof of Citizenship, Long Form).


    One (1) Client Authorization letter.


    Employer letter or travel itinerary.


    One (1) photo.


    Check or money order made payable to: The Department of State for $140.

    The envelope SEAL must not be tampered with or broken or the application is considered VOID and you will have to start all over agin.

    Go to the fourth and final step . . .

Step 4: Shipping your documents to International Visa Service.

    Here is a list of what you need to do next. Use the "Completed" column as a final checklist to make sure all documents are complete and enclosed.

    FedEx package should contain:


    Sealed Envelope for the U.S.Passport Service.


    Copies made for International Visa Service.


    Personal information form, IVS Disclaimer and second client authorization form.



Send the above items via FedEx or other PRIORITY Next Day Service to:

International Visa Service

316 Hammond Drive NE

Atlanta, GA 30328

Phone: 404-843-0005

    Note: If shipping with UPS, U.S. Postal Service, or any other courier service other than FedEx, please call International Visa Service as instructions for sending package may be different.

    Please call International Visa Service at 1-800-627-1112 with the tracking number on the package. OR fax a copy of your personal information form to 404-843-2259.

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